Katherine Whitney & Associates has experience in communication, learning theory, interpretation, and visitor studies. Our strengths are sorting and organizing information into exhibit concepts, modeling and evaluating ideas and exhibit components, and writing clear, concise label text. At KWA we use a collaborative, team approach to integrate client staff and project team members.

Katherine Whitney & Associates offers the following services:

Exhibit Development and Interpretive Planning

Katherine Whitney & Associates engages in all phases of exhibit development, from initial concept plans to fully detailed exhibit storylines. We begin by helping clients develop a clear big idea and proceed to organize information into logical conceptual components.


At Katherine Whitney & Associates we recognize the importance of careful and thorough research. We track down reliable sources, interview experts, and provide a fully annotated research report for each project.


We believe it is important to write clear, readable text that the target audience will understand. Katherine Whitney & Associates provides a variety of writing services, including conceptual planning documents, exhibit labels, exhibit guides, and curriculum material.


At Katherine Whitney & Associates we involve visitors at each stage of the exhibit development process. We conduct front end, formative, and summative evaluation to ensure that exhibits are relevant and understandable.